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4-Auto Marketplace

Our Marketplace provides a powerful suite of applications that gives our clients the means to efficiently source, manage and control spending across their Enterprise.

Designed to be supplier agnostic 4-Auto provides our dealers a centralized procurement platform to manage their entire supplier network, enable workflow approvals and provide spend reporting on-demand.

Desktop Reporting
Customized reporting for your dealership(s) in real-time. Usage by Dealership(s), Product Activity & Invoice details all on-demand. Reporting tools included:
  • Order History
  • Order History With Status
  • Order History Status Work Flow Detail
  • Invoice History
  • Usage Report
  • Usage By Cost Center Report
  • Product Activity
    DOMO Powered Dashboards
    Enhance your online analytics using our customized DOMO dashboards, that provides you a high-level overview and the ability to drill down into the individual line level…tailored to how you want to visualize your data.
    3rd Party Integration

    4-Auto helps you manage and control spending under one umbrella by centralizing your suppliers and providing a consolidated shopping cart to help manage and control order approvals.

    Punch Out 3rd Party Integration - 4-Auto has partnered with industry leaders in the automotive service industry, the office supply industry and various others to provide a portal directly into their site from 4-auto. You pick and choose from their website, while remaining on 4-auto. Thus providing a "One Stop Shop" and lowering the amount of URLs and Credentials you have to manage.

    Managed 3rd Party Integration - Supplier not big enough for a "punch out"? We will host their products within The supplier will receive a Purchase Order upon successful checkout for the products they are to fulfill. This seamless integration let's 4-auto do all the "talking" with the supplier, so you have one point of contact.

    Administrative Portal/Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Admin Portal - 4-Auto provides self-administration for managing user profiles and settings. Administrators have the ability to add/remove users, assign categories and apply user spend authorization as needed.

    Single Sign-On (SSO) - Single sign-on permits users to authenticate credentials against user profiles, providing additional safeguards to your dealership from unauthorized user activity. When the user no longer has access to the intranet, they no longer have the ability to access your 4-Auto Marketplace.